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Slow opening : System Alert !
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Internet speed time : System Alert !
The current status report of your computer according to the analysis by Perfect Optimizer: Speed point:, Errors:, Safety:LOW, Health Degree:, Overall point:.
What is the system status like after repairing by Perfect Optimizer?
Unimaginable! You may be confused why your computer is in such condition that would be a headache for you. Don't worry about that. With Perfect Optimizer can let your computer like a brand-new. Please take a look at the expected results by using Perfect Optimizer.
The speed point will be up to 91 and the overall point will be 89 and the errors will be less than 50 after repairing. The safety will become good and the health degree will be about 93% after optimization.
  Whether you have encountered the troubles that 99.47% of computer users have?  
  Has your PC encountered malicious ads procedures, Trojans or viruses?
Has your PC had errors like .DLL, .EXE etc..
Want your computer to play 100% performance?
Want your computer to be more secure and your privacy and history won't be known by others?
Want your PC to continue running 72 hours without feeling of slow speed?
Want to fully release hard disk space and system resources?

And the other 378 kinds of problems. Please click here to view the list.
If you have the three above-mentioned problems, then your PC has been at the verge of collapse!

Has your system received a variety of error messages?
Has your PC had deadlock, blue screen, crash or freezing?
Is your PC running unstable?
Is your PC running slowly?
Has your PC had puzzling?
Is your surfing speed like a turtle or snail?

You have to use a kind of simple, effective and safe software to solve all your PC problems.

Congratulations! Now you only need 2 minutes and all annoying problems mentioned above will be effectively resolved -- Very Easy!

100% free download. The most popular and many-award-winner software----Perfect Optimizer in 2008!


Repair PC Errors,Optimize & Speed Up Your PC In Minutes.

Perfect Optimizer is a kind of computer optimization software with new concept and multi-function. It has the world's leading technology to scan the computer problems as 2.7 times as the similar products.

1. Effectively repair the majority of your PC's errors and let it be 100% healthy.
2. Comprehensively enhance all aspects of your computer.
3. Optimize your PC and bring its potential performance into 100% full play.
4. Clean up your PC's junk files and 56 kinds of history.
5. Effectively protect your PC and avoid ads procedures, malicious code and Trojans.

The most important thing is - you just need One-Click!

Use our unique "One-Click operation" function then you can easily use its powerful functions even if you know nothing about computer!

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What is the difference between Perfect Optimizer and the other products?

Perfect Optimizer has a unique design, the world's top quality and simple operation. Firstly the Perfect Optimizer will fully test your system, list the existing problems in your system and give you a composite score. Each function is equipped with "healthy degree" information.

What can Perfect Optimizer do?

Perfect Optimizer can effectively solve more than 370 kinds of computer problems! Click here to view the list. With it, you can make your PC be 100% healthy to avoid these annoying PC problems!
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Do you think that the powerful functions would make the operation complicated? Wrong!

You only need to click the "Start Scan" and "Repair All".

Every operation is fully simplified on the basis of powerful functions and each step is equipped with detailed instructions and explanations. Even if you know nothing about computer, you may not feel complicated to operate.


Is Perfect Optimizer really effective?

Perfect Optimizer has millions of users from 100 countries in the world and the average satisfaction is 96.30%. Perfect Optimizer is 98.45% effective. The majority of PC problems will be scanned and repaired except some rare problems can't.


Some must-know about Registry especially to those NEW.

If you've never used a registry scanner before, you should spend a few minutes learning what your registry is. As well as what role software can play in fixing & maintaining it. I know you're keen to get going, but I'd recommend you read these short pages before downloading any software. It will make for a better experience and save you some money!

The registry is a single place for keeping such information as what hardware is attached, what system options have been selected, how computer memory is set up, and what application programs are to be present when the operating system is started. The registry is somewhat similar to and a replacement for the simpler INI (initialization) and configuration files used in earlier Windows systems.

It is a database used by Microsoft Windows to store configuration information about the software installed on a computer. This information includes things like the desktop background, program settings, and file extension associations.

Most Windows applications write data to the Registry, at least during installation. Always make sure that you know what you are doing when changing the registry or else just one little mistake can crash the whole system. You can edit the Registry directly by using the Registry Editor provided with the operating system. Also you can edit it by using the Perfect Optimizer with one click. operate.

  Three Simple Steps To A Healthy PC:  

  How Well Does Perfect Optimizer Work?  
  Media & Press REVIEW:

More than 99.4% of computers have problems like blue screen, freeze up, deadlock and others according to the feedback from the computer users. They start to search registry cleaner as their perfect optimizer to help repair these annoying problems.

- Neil J. Rubenking, PC Magazine
  One of the best and perfect optimizer used for system optimization is the one that can repair errors, speed up PC and improve system stability and performance.

- Scott Finnie, Computerworld Magazine
  Use some perfect optimizer to repair obsolete and non-functional registry entries exist in the series of Windows for those will result in system instability and even collapse.

- Fred Langa, Information Week
  Compared with other registry cleaners, which is the perfect optimizer can be installed without any concerns by users.


Good News, Thank you for the Perfect Optimizer. My Computer is now 100% Running in good health. Thank you!

- John Castella. - UK

Hello Lemon, Before doing that I made Perfect Optimizer running step by step and now it has easily cleaned up all of the scories that were staying in the disks. Nevertheless many thanks for your help.

- Sidney Aiche. - US

Hello, I'm living in Antony, France and I've recently used "Perfect Optimizer". Lately I gave a glimpse to . PS. Your package is running pretty well on my PC.

- Michael Krause - US

I installed your software and it scanned 852 problems and then it repaired all annoying problems. Thank you for your product.

- Bert Jameus. - CA

I have to say I have never written any testimonials to any software. However, about you I can proudly say that you have given your software the right name. The Perfect Optimizer. It really is miraculous. It has speeded my overall explorer browsing, computer is much lively. It has found the problems which other programs have not even ever detected. I have purchased a variety of programs of similar kinds but that of yours is unparalleled. I have not even expected such a change. I will be recommending your software to my friends. Keep it up.

- Janet Beaudet. - US


More Testimonials from our users

It is the first time that I ever experienced the fastest speed of system startup. I just used the Perfect Optimizer to delete some useless programs on the launch menu and repaired some path settings then my computer just like the brand-new. It is worth of that money. Thank you! If you have up-to-date version, please tell me and I will recommend it to the people around me.

--Leon Schoombee, Canada

You know, I am a professional designer and I use some picture-designed programs which will take up a lot of Memory Resource. Every time I closed the programs then my PC will take much time to release the virtual memory. It is annoying. After using Perfect Optimizer then everything changed and it saves me more free time to do something important. It is amazing. Many thanks.

- Vancouver,US

I have to say I have never written any testimonials to any software. However, about you I can proudly say that you have given your software the right name. MIRACLE. Because it is really miraculous. It has speeded my overall explorer browsing, computer is more lively. It has found the problems which other programs have not even ever detected. I have purchased a variety of programs of similar kinds but that of yours is unparalleled. I have not even expected such a change. I will be recommending your software to my friends. Keep it up.


After I downloaded Perfect Optimizer, 1273 errors were found in about one minute. I never know there are so many errors with my computer! After all errors get fixed and Perfect Optimizer's optimizing functions are put into use, my computer works more efficiently now. Thanks!

- Sean, US

I have used computer for 2 years and now it runs very slowly. My son asked me to update the hardware but I don't do that all the way. Then my son installed the Perfect Optimizer and after some simple settings, my computer runs with a miraculous speed. It saved me a lot to update the hardware. The Perfect Optimizer is so excellent, I like it.

- Deane Edward, US

My notebook computer becomes very slowly after I used it about 5 to 6 months. Every function of your software can clean different places of the system. It is very intellectual and finds more than 700 errors in my computer and achieves good results after cleaning. Thank your for your software.

- Lizi, CANADA

Ordinarily I use computer to send some emails to my children, but recently it runs very slowly and even deadlock. I searched in the internet and found the Perfect Optimizer and I know it is my best choice after using it. I am an old man and very know a little computer, but the Perfect Optimizer guided me to optimize my system step by step and restored it to the previous state. It is personalization. Thank you.

- Kitty, ENGLAND

The Perfect Optimizer is so good and solved my problems quickly. I installed too many software in my computer and about 10 programs will appear on the browser when I startup and I can't work. After optimizing the system with the Perfect Optimizer then all problems disappeared, besides I can use it to clean my privacy. It is so convenient.

-Thomas Garrison, SOUTH KOREA


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